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NeckHugs CollarBryce

Bryce loves her Neck Hug collar. It's better than a stiff Elizabethan color. They wash up nicely, effective and have cute fabric designs. Bryce lays her head on the donut as a pillow. Wag Tail Farms donated two for little Bryce.

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In Memorium

Westie Rescue of CA Volunteers and Supporters

Jay Morgan Jay Morgan May 2011
Adolfo Rossi Adolfo Rossi January 2011
Richard Schatz Richard Schatz 2009
  • Heather Miller Bateen & Duncan
Heather Miller Bateen & Duncan
June 2016
In Loving Memory of Heather Miller Bateen and Duncan

Heather Miller Bateen was proudly owned by her "little white dog", Duncan, who passed away about two years ago. Being a devoted animal lover, Heather never got over the loss of her little man and recently reunited with Duncan at the Rainbrow Bridge. Her family requests that we help other Westies in Heather's name.

The family requested, in lieu of flowers, donations made in Heather Miller Bateen & Duncan's Memory at Westie Rescue of CA. Personal donation link:

  • Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan
May 2011
In Loving Memory of Shannon’s Grandpa, Jay Morgan

Shannon, WRCA's rescued Westie, was placed in 06/2002, at 3.5 years young with experienced Westie owners, Larry and Liz, and is now 12.5 years. She was Grandpa Jay's frequent visitor and loved giving him kisses. She shared many, many years of joy and laughter, and even in his advanced dementia state, he always remembered Shannon. Jay's daughter, Stephanie related a darling story of Jay and Shannon’s loving relationship. He was indeed Shannon's special "Grandpa".

"Wanted to let you and your wonderful volunteers know what a difference you made in my Dad's quality of life. Dad's dementia was a rough road for all of us. When he moved in with us a saving grace was Shannon, our next door neighbors (Liz and Larry) adopted WRCA female Westie. Dad and Shannon would nap together when I was at work, coming home was greeted by two tussled heads coming out of the bedroom. One lunch hour surprised them in the act of Dad giving Shannon a piece of pumpkin pie! Oh no! Both looked up at me with a guilty look in their eyes.

As Dad's dementia progressed, we moved him to a six resident board and care facility. Shannon was a frequent visitor and brightened the day of even the grumpiest residents. Shannon was able to communicate with Dad even after his dementia distorted his reality and he would call her a "cat". She didn’t care…she was there for her "Grandpa".

A huge hug and thank you, Stephanie and family

The family requested, in lieu of flowers, donations made in Jay Morgan's Memory at Westie Rescue of CA. Personal donation link:

  • Adolfo Rossi
Adolfo Rossi
January 2011
Westie Owner and Foster Volunteer for WRCAVolunteer Service 2008–2011

Adolfo Rossi passed away peacefully at home, after a brief illness, Tuesday, January 11, 2011, surrounded by his wife LaVon Smith, two sons Justin and Nathan, family, friends and his loving Westie, Snowy.

Adolfo, a Westie owner, reached out and gave back to the breed he dearly loved. Our organization benefited greatly of his time, positive energy and love of Westies. In addition to attending WRCA events, he helped transport rescues within the state, completed adoptive in-home checks and provided transport for Veterinarian appointments. But, alas, his biggest joy was being a foster home for the WRCA rescues who needed that special TLC touch. He readily provided "hands on" rehabilitation to our most challenging cases of abandoned strays, medically deemed unadoptable by shelters and owner surrendered neglected Westies. Often investing months of rehabilitation time, necessary to nurture these little ones back to healthy and happy adoptable Westies. His personal effort never wavered in the necessary medicated baths, grooming, blow drying, change-over to the WRCA diet and administering medications. He enjoyed seeing their transformation, from often times a "throw away" to now a beautiful Westie once again. His calm patience shined when house and crate training was required.

He will be remembered for a quick smile, gentle nature and his acceptance of all Westies. His positive efforts will live on through the Westies whose lives he touched and the appreciative WRCA adoptive homes where there now is joy. He will be missed greatly…until we meet again at The Rainbow Bridge….

The family requested, in lieu of flowers, donations made in Adolfo Rossi's Memory at Westie Rescue of CA. Personal donation link:

  • Dianne E. Murphy (Berkover)
Dianne E. Murphy (Berkover)
September 2009
Westie Owner and Foster Volunteer for WRCA

Dianne E. Murphy, fellow Westie owner, lover and Westie Rescue of CA volunteer since 2002 passed Sunday, September 27, 2009, following complications from an auto accident. Dianne was on her way home at noon to let her 3 Westies out and grab a bite of lunch before returning to work at the Palm Springs Life Magazine. She was a wonderful, active, supportive volunteer, mother, sister, aunt, friend, neighbor and employee. She participated in many Westie Rescue of CA events with her Westies and donated freely toward our fund raising efforts. She was particularly supportive of our long term foster care Westies. WeeMac's story about a diabetic owner and dog, particularly touched her heart.

She often traveled both within the United States as well as abroad, supported the arts, participated in causes (Desert AIDS, Susan G. Komen walks) and enjoyed attending sporting events. But most of all she was a passionate and compassionate animal lover; unfortunately leaving three Westies (McDuff- WRCA placement 05.2004, Maggie May and Morgan), along with three rescued cats (Monroe, Patches and Spitter). She loved taking her Westies when traveling and visiting friends. She regularly participated in several causes; Westie Rescue of CA, Desert AIDS project, Susan G. Komen and the American Heart Association Walks. She is survived by her son, Patrick and his wife, Jackie; sisters, Roseleen Madden, Gayle and husband, Barry Ackerman; niece, Diana Toohill; nephew, Kirk O'Hagen; and Greg and Ryan Ackerman. She will be missed by family, friends, neighbors and especially by her three wonderful Westies.

Donations made in her memory will be used to defer veterinary care costs and assist in re-homing McDuff, Maggie May and Morgan—her Westies. Personal donation link:

  • Richard Schatz
Richard Schatz

The family requested, in lieu of flowers, donations made in Richard Schatz's Memory at Westie Rescue of CA. Personal donation link:

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