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NeckHugs CollarBryce

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The Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge - Painting by Brenda Simon copyright 2010
Exclusive worldwide permission use and rights granted to Westie Rescue of California by Brenda Simon.
A Dog's Last Will and Testament

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…

~ Author unknown ~

Westies "In Remembrance"

Winnie Winnie October 2012
Roscoe Roscoe February 2012
Hailey Hailey January 2012
Winston McDuff Winston McDuff May 2011
Maddie Maddie 2010
Frosty Paws Frosty Paws November 2009
Reilly Reilly May 2009
Casey Casey 2009
Agatha Jane Agatha Jane May 2009
Kiltie Kiltie December 2008
Molly Molly 2007
Sophie Sophie October 2007
Babe Babe October 2007
Maggie Maggie October 2005
Fang Fang August 2005
Dooney Dooney July 2005
Laddie Laddie April 2004
Chanel Chanel October 2003
Missy Missy October 2002
Tillie Tillie August 2003
Nikki Nikki June 1995
  • Winnie
  • Winnie
  • Winnie
October 2012
Winnie (Minnie Me) Adopted 12/2005

I've been meaning to write for a few months but haven't really wanted to convey the sad news. We lost our dear Winnie to pneumonia in October; she became ill and spent the night at the emergency vet's in an oxygen tent. We brought her home the next day and she rallied for a day or so, but then simply couldn't breathe and didn't respond to the medication. Our vet did all he could, but we lost our little girl at age 14. We feel a little better knowing that we gave her a few really, really good years. Her WRCA adopted "brother", Sherman (11/2006) had a hard time at first, she was the boss, after all! :) But he's perked up and is eating well again, also at 14, so we are hopeful that he will last another couple of good years more.

The darling flower arrangement was sent by our kids, when Winnie passed. You've got to admit that they bring a smile, as we remember our "little Westie angel!"

Judy, Jim and Sherman

  • Roscoe
February 2012
Roscoe. September 12, 1997–February 1, 2012

Hello to Westie Friends and Family,

Today we put down our beloved West Highland White Terrier, Roscoe. He was almost 15½ years old. It was very hard, as it is with all animals, which are like our children. His quality of life had diminished, being almost blind, and his bladder was failing. He became too aggressive and was fear biting. He was the love of our life and will be missed tremendously.

Hug, play and be kind to your pet everyday as their days are so short!

Love, Ron and Beverly

  • Hailey
January 2012
Hailey. January 23, 2012 (Estimated age: 13 yrs.)

She was starting to have seizures and her back hind legs just stopped working. So our foster volunteer, Debi, knew it was time to let her go to The Rainbow Bridge. The last year of her life she knew unconditional love and human companionship. Go with our love darling Hailey.

  • Winston McDuff
  • Winston McDuff
  • Winston McDuff
Winston McDuff
May 2011
Winston McDuff. November 25, 1998–May 25, 2011

Winston was brought into this world by GrandMa Nancy and became part of our family in 1998. Although not a rescue dog, Winston was a volunteer for Westie Rescue and loved being part of the Westie Rescue activities. He was also a Therapy Dog and gave joy and love to all he visited.

He was a very important member of our family for twelve and one-half years. Although he was diagnosed with diabetes in December he continued to be the most loving and loyal friend. He will be missed terribly but we have such wonderful memories of him and his “Unique Spirit”. He now joins our other special pets and his Westie friends on the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss and love you, Jauhree and Dick

You can donate to Westie Rescue of CA in Winston McDuff's Memory:

  • Maddie
Maddie. Rescued and Eternally Loved–WRCA. 1993–2010

She brought so much joy into our lives with her loving, generous spirit. We will miss her. Such a sweet girl Maddie. Such a good dog.

All our love to our Maddie, Arlene and Burt

  • Frosty Paws
  • Frosty Paws
Frosty Paws
November 2009
Our Little Frosty Paws. Adopted 03/25/2006–Passed 11/05/2009

Our Frosty was a very, very special little Westie. His zest for life and his ability to make us smile was something we will never forget. He loved to travel in the car. He would always be so excited when we would say "Come On!" and would jump (with help!) into his car bed, always ready to go. The house seems so quiet without him, because there is no little white bundle of energy to meet us at the door with his favorite toy. We will always miss you, Little Man. Your passing has really left a hole in our hearts. The Deutz Family

NOTE: This wonderful and loving family took an older senior dog, with skin issues and loved him until he was called home. Bless you and the special place in heaven for you!

  • Reilly
  • Reilly
May 2009
Reilly. Adopted October 2004–Passed May 2009

Reilly, a beautiful little Westie sweetheart of a girl adopted in 2004 from Westie Rescue of CA, sadly left us in the prime of her life. Reilly suddenly and inexplicably took ill, her Mom, Dad and so many wonderful speciality doctors did everything they could to save her. She quietly passed away in the arms of her loving family. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, tail wagging, looking for her toys and fellow playmates.

Reilly was always quite a character, from when she was just a wee puppy through her grown up years. Although a bit smaller than most Westie cousins, she never yielded, making sure they knew she was the Alpha Dog/CEO/Head of House.

She lived a happy life with her adopted Westie brother, Andy, another Westie Rescue of CA alumni. She enjoyed so much fun, with Andy and all their friends at the dog park, Southern California beaches, neighborhood walks and backyard BBQ's. Reilly was a regular participant in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Coronado Holiday Parade and all of the many Westie Rescue of CA functions.

She will be missed, remembered and cherished forever, and will always remain in our hearts, our lives, and our memories.

Tammy, Jon and Andy

  • Casey
  • Casey
Casey. Our rescued little girl. 1992–2009

Rest peacefully our 'Energizer Bunny'. You surpassed our expectations and we were blessed with three more years with our special little girl. She was not a typical Westie, but we rescued her and her Mom, Corrie in 1995. She was the first of our five Westie rescues. She was never a lap dog, liking her space and bestowing kisses on us sparingly. We will miss her 'telling time' by reminding us that it was time for her dinner within a minute or two of 6:00pm. We are brokenhearted, but we wanted to thank Westie Rescue for the remarkable, memorable 14 year adventure with Casey. Thank goodness we still have Mackie (WRCA adoption 01.18.2003). Keep up the good work, you helped enrich our lives for many years.

Bob, Deb and Mackie

  • Agatha Jane
Agatha Jane
May 2009
Agatha Jane. "Helen Keller in a fur coat" May 16, 1994–May 30, 2009

Lovingly rescued from a high kill shelter when just over 1 yr. old, went blind at 6 yrs. old and deaf last year. She was cuddly, clever and always happy. She passed quietly after laying next to her 'seeing and hearing' companion, Geordie. She is buried in the yard next to 'Shandy,' another of our Westies, and her all-time best buddy, who undoubtedly was waiting for her at The Rainbow Bridge.

Tearfully, Mom Denise, Poppa Peter, Geordie, Giles and Flora….all rescued Westies

  • Kiltie
December 2008
Kiltie. December 2008

It doesn't matter that she was ready or that she was 15 years old and I had known this was coming for some time.

She will always hold a very special place in my heart. —Nancy

NOTE: Nancy is an active volunteer with our organization. We are sincerely sending our sympathy and condolences.

  • Molly
  • Molly
  • Molly
Molly. Estimated 9 yrs (Cushing's)

Molly has held our hearts since the day of her rescue in 2005. Our time together was far too short, but the memories will last a lifetime. Rest well little girl. We will bring your favorite stroller when we meet you again on The Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Ben, Julianne, Big Mama, and Savannah

You can donate to Westie Rescue of CA in Molly's Memory:

  • Sophie
  • Sophie
October 2007
Sophie. January 2000–October 2007

We loved you so! You were the BEST DOG. You were taken too soon with liver disease. She was a terrier through and through.

Sophie has joined all her four-legged friends at the Rainbow Bridge where they run and play together, yet she's always watchful for the arrival of Frank and Catherine so once again they can be together.

Love, Mom Gloria and Family

You can donate to Westie Rescue of CA in Sophie's Memory:

  • Babe
  • Babe
October 2007
Babe (aka Babe the fifth of Jersey). July 1993–October 2007

She was Mama's Baby and Daddy's Little Girl and we miss her so. Who will write our Christmas Letters now that you are gone little girl? Be happy with Ginger and Louise and we know we will be there at the bridge to be with you again.

All our love, Susan and Mike

UPDATE: Together again. Michael Joins Babe at the Rainbow Bridge Feb 14, 2008

You can donate to Westie Rescue of CA in Babe's Memory:

  • Winston Geronimo Windsong
Winston Geronimo Windsong
December 2005
Winston. December 2005

Good Bye my special fellow, you were my 'one and only' in a lifetime.

God bless you, Nello

  • Maggie
October 2005
Our Beloved Maggie. December 24, 1990–October, 1 2005

May she be free of all her health issues. Chasing the butterflies in the tall grass and barking at animals she saw on television set.

Marie Strange

  • Fang
  • Fang
August 2005
My Dear Sweet Beloved Fang. November 8, 1990–August 20, 2005

Fang was not a rescued dog but he did rescue me time and time again. Whenever one of life’s inevitable disappointments came my way, he would always help me refocus on what was really important, namely him. His loyalty, generosity of spirit and unfailing ability to bring joy and laughter to all he met should be an inspiration to us all.


You can donate to Westie Rescue of CA in Fang's Memory:

  • Dooney
July 2005
Dooney. November 30, 1993–July 28, 2005

The little white dog no one wanted, who loved taco chips and opera.

Westie Rescue of CA placed: November 1998.

Sweet Dooney how lucky we were to have had you.

Love, Joy and Ron

  • Laddie
April 2004
Laddie. December 6, 1996–April 20, 2004

A wonderful little rescued sole. He brightened our lives, as we hope we did his. An absolute sweetheart, gentle, loving, even temperament, even when he didn't feel well. Gave wonderful kisses and loved his daily tummy rubs. He was a good little buddy and housemate. He truly left courageous little paw prints in our hearts forever. Until we see you again, my little Laddie boy.

Love, Susan and Richard

  • Chanel
October 2003
Chanel. August 7, 1987–October 3, 2003

Chanel au revoir, ma cherie.(Chanel, good bye, my sweet)

  • Missy
October 2002
Missy. August 7, 1987–October 3, 2003

Missy's New Heart…A Loving Story

Hi, my name is Missy and I have been at the Rainbow Bridge since October of 2002. Now this is a beautiful place, and my parents told me all about it before I left. However, they told me that as much as they loved me, I will have to wait awhile before they show up. So in the meantime I am back to running, playing and having a great time.

I would have been here a lot sooner, except my parents loved me so much they did something that most Westies don't get, and that is they gave me a pacemaker for my heart. I will tell you about it in a minute, but first you should know about my parents.

They used to have two Maltese and they are OK, but we Westies Rule! Sydney and Albondigas, the Maltese, are up here at Rainbow Bridge and having a great time. We talk about our parents a lot. When Sidney left for The Rainbow Bridge our parents were sad, and waited for two years to find me, as you naturally know I am so special. One day Mom saw me in a pet shop, where they say you won't get a good Westie, but what did they know. I was a scrawny, weak, nine weeks old and lived in an ugly cage. Mom bought me, and took me to meet Dad. He was so thrilled to see me, and I got so excited that I had a little accident on the floor, but that's what nine week old Westies do.

They loved me so; I played, and learned to be a good Westie. I used to run all over like a maniac until I was about two years old. Then I became my loving self, and brightened everybody's life for lots of years. We used to travel all over, and Mom and Dad took me everywhere, even to work lots of times. We used to go to New Mexico to their second home, and I loved it, especially playing in the snow! I liked everybody, even cats, ugh!!!!

I had all kinds of special places to stop along with way from California to New Mexico, and I always knew when my favorite spots were coming up. When I was about eleven years old I started to have some problems, and I would 'run out of gas' going to get the mail. When I did my potty business I was so weak I would fall over. My folks took me to Dr Wagner, and she told them my heart was only beating 30 times a minute. Now you know we Westies have a heart beat of 100, so I wasn't getting enough blood circulating to keep me going.

The choice was to send me to The Rainbow Bridge early, or put in a pacemaker. My Dad insisted that if it would help, the pacemaker was the answer. He took me to the Veterinary Hospital in Los Angeles, and Dr Barratt said I was a good candidate for a pacemaker. They cost a lot, but Dad and Mom loved me, so I was worth it.

They put a real pacemaker made for humans in my shoulder, connected the thing up to my heart, and with the exception of having to go back in to do some things, everything worked out fine. I became the mascot for the hospital, and had the daily job of waking everybody up. They told Dad that these are people pacemakers, and they are good for about five to seven years.

When I got home I was my old self again. I ran a lot, got the mail, went for walks, traveled again, and for three years I was the old Missy. Right after I had my pacemaker my Dad got something called cancer. He had surgery right after me, and we used to talk together for hours. I really think I helped my Dad get over his cancer, and he is fine today. He always tells everybody that I was the best medicine he could have, and besides he did not want to get to The Rainbow Bridge before me.

heard my folks are very sad right now, and they would like to get another Westie. One through Westie Rescue of California ANFPO would be nice. They feel bad for me, but I told them before I left them, that they would be the best parents in the world, and not to feel bad about getting another Westie. The 'new' Westie can't take my place, but he or she would be lucky to have my parents, and someday we would all be together again, even the new guys!

If you have a Westie like me, think about the pacemaker if the heart is the problem. My parents gave me three wonderful extra years, but they said I gave them a lifetime of happiness. Please look into this procedure. I'll be waiting at the Bridge for you.

Love you, Missy

  • Tillie
August 2003
Good bye to my dear friend Tillie. August 28, 2003

Tillie was a rescued Westie who was placed by Jack Rennie, Founding Director, after she was found wandering the streets of Long Beach, CA. Her gotcha day was April 18, 1992, when she was lovingly adopted by her Dad, Richard Schatz. She was wearing a collar and ID tag, with only her name legible, all other information had been scratched out. When Dad Richard took her to the Vet they guessed her age anywhere between 2 and 4 years old at that time (1992). She was a very smart and once cleaned up and groomed a pretty little girl. Richard doted on his first Westie, always keeping her skin (yeast) condition in check, bathing and grooming her on a regular basis. Anything that she needed, she got. She always looked her best, just like in her professional photo here. She was the best companion and loving friend. Everyone just commented what a nice girl she was when Daddy Richard would take she and Oliver on Westie outings and events.

She was very much the boss of the other Westie Oliver and then later Kellie. She is survived by her other two loyal Westies; Oliver who is 8 yrs old and Kellie, 5 yrs and the newest addition to the 'Westie Family'. Both Oliver and Kellie are also rescued Westies who have found their 'forever' home…Daddy Richard, dedicated to the cause, has helped Westie Rescue of CA finding adoptive homes and volunteers rescuing Westies in-need. Tillie had a long, happy and comfortable life with Daddy Richard. He loved her very much and she is the reason he has Oliver and Kellie now.

Tillie crossed over to the Bridge quietly and peacefully at home with Richard, Oliver and Kellie at her side. We will see you again when we cross Rainbow Bridge never to be apart again. Until we meet again…bye precious darling.

  • Nikki
June 1995
Nikki. January 1, 1983–June 9, 1995

Westie Rescue of CA also serves: AZ, OR, NV, UT, ID, NM, and WA