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Bryce loves her Neck Hug collar. It's better than a stiff Elizabethan color. They wash up nicely, effective and have cute fabric designs. Bryce lays her head on the donut as a pillow. Wag Tail Farms donated two for little Bryce.

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Welcome to Westie Rescue of Calfornia

Westie Rescue of CA and seven Western states, is a charitable and educational private independent not-for-profit organization. As our Mission Statement indicates, we are active in providing public breed education, rescue services, foster rehabilitation, animal training, Terrier knowledgeable, and often times, life-saving medical care, and placement in approved forever homes. Our rescues come from every walk of life; owner surrendered, shelter found, abused, abandoned, neglected, puppy mill raids, professional referrals or otherwise — any Westie-in-Need.

Our Founding Directors have more than 75+ years dedication to the breed they love. We are the oldest and largest independent Westie Rescue within the state and possibly the West Coast, garnering a stellar reputation along the way as relentless caretakers of the breed. We applaud our hundreds of dedicated volunteers, adopters and loving Westie owners who give back to the breed. Our breed gives such joy, laughter and often tears along the paw-path of life. Our organization has a long association with the WHWT Club of CA and WHWT Club of America.

BRAVO and KUDOS to those who make a difference in the life of a rescued Westie.

Urgent: Westies in Need

Bryce upon rescueBryce getting better

Bryce, serious ear problems


Bryce (aka Zoey) is currently happily living within one of our experienced and medically trained foster care givers personal home. She is doing well, with hand signals and her vitals remain stable. Our only ongoing nightmare is she continues to ooze infection from her cheek and now around her eye on the other side of her face. She is on specially compounded antibiotics which must be administered by "gloved" hand only as they have been known to cause issues with humans. This is the only medication which has help to keep the infection somewhat at bay for her. Her condition is directly due to the closed Cauliflower Ear Syndrome (Boxer's Ear). This was due to her neglect when with her previous owner who suffered from dementia. Family intervention was non-existent until the dog became a liability for the family and Vet bills began to mount.

The two surgeries, once cleared for surgery by the Eye, Ear and Nose Specialty Surgeon would be performed and orchestrated simultaneously, doing the first ear (right side) and the other approximately being about 1 week after the other. We must have the funds prior to her surgeries so we can move forward. The Surgeon is working with our organization, we feel comfortable with the estimate given as we reached out to four other possibilities including University of Davis Veterinary School.

Thank you for your support of this horrific case of neglect which we are attempting to rectify to the best of our ability. She has had so much trauma, the Surgeon says she probably will not hear voices but may have the luxury of hearing very low vibration noises. We will just have to see what her recovery holds.

Please help with a donation to Westie Rescue of California to assist in these mounting medical costs for Bryce.



Under normal examination in the Vet office, the ear canals cannot even be seen. She had a huge abscess burst on December 5, 2013 which has been problematic since and was hospitalized by the "owner family designated caregiver." They wanted to do surgery then but the owner's daughter refused (she has Power Of Attorney). A "drain" was placed in the right side of her cheek and kept for 10 days (maximum usually). After it came out, the track was still draining disgusting pus. However, the daughter took Bryce out of the hospital and placed her in a boarding kennel. No medical treatment was provided nor intervention was done since the hospitalization. They just dumped her on WRCA March 2, 2014! She arrived filthy with a smelly, disgusting e-collar and a crate that reeked of feces, which we threw out!

Bryce is taking two different antibiotics targeting different tissue and affected areas at the same time. We opted for this method because it will take a while for us to fund raise for the cost of both ears; received estimates of $3,350 per ear! Her ear situation requires only TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) in both ears. We are reaching out to all our contacts, even the University of California-Davis Veterinarian School in hopes they will take her on as a teaching surgery patient for their specialty students. In the meantime, we are trying to make her comfortable, still keeping the warm compresses on the drain track and keeping our paws crossed that we can fund raise quickly to get this little "special" sweetie some comfort very, very soon.

Gus, severe Malassezia dermatitis


Little Gus has had a remarkable recovery from his serious skin condition. He is under the care of one or our experienced foster care givers, who has helped many of these unfortunate Westies back to normal skin and a great coat. It has taken a year of dedication, frequent bathing with prescription shampoo and several rounds of medication. The little guy is still not 100% done. Inside front and back legs still require constant attention as well as the corners of his mouth. Since Gus's case was so severe, he'll require more months of treatment and special care.

Gus before and after

Please help with a donation to Westie Rescue of California to assist in these mounting medical costs for Gus.



Gus is a young, 3-year-old Westie, who began as an adorable puppy. About a year or more ago, this little guy suffered flea allergic dermatitis which developed into a serious case of Malassezia dermatitis.

Gus before and after

The owner tried every remedy he could find. Unfortunately the local vet had never heard of this condition and prescribed the wrong treatment. The dog was given prednisone to alleviate the itching, but that wasn't the solution for the underlying disease. The condition progressed to this miserable state. Seventy percent of Gus's coat is gone and he is left with a stinky, crusty, greasy "elephant-like" skin. Poor Gus was suffering and scratching himself until he bled.

In his attempt to help Gus, the owner came across Westie Rescue of California. He immediately got Gus on our Westie Diet and reached out to us. A representative, who has experience with this problem, explained that it requires a long treatment to get Gus back to health. Daily baths with an expensive prescription shampoo, weeks of medication and lots of tender care. Out of love, the owner surrendered Gus to us as he knew our dedication would save him and find him the best "forever home."

Westie Rescue of CA also serves: AZ, OR, NV, UT, ID, NM, and WA